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Low weight, easy handling and ecological harmlessness – just some of the advantages over all other planting and marking sticks. Convince yourself of the high quality of the original.

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  • Standard-Diameter: 7+8 mm (also available in 6, 6,5 …11 mm diameters)
  • Standard-Length: 1400+1300 mm (available in lengths to any specification)
  • Colour: natural + ….
  • Weight: 130 gr/piece (100 pieces = 13 kg)
  • Flexible and resilient, but retains its shape
  • shatter-proof
  • Neutral in contact with food
  • Ecologically harmless

Vinotto® has distinct advantages compared with conventional wooden stakes and zinc coated alternatives

Advantages compared with steel/zinc-coated alternatives:

  • Only ¼ of the weight (100 pieces = approx. 13 kg)
  • More than 3 times the strength in terms of resilience and flexibility – no loss of shape
  • No corrosion – no release of metal oxides into the soil
  • Ecologically completely harmless (does not contain zinc or other metals)
  • Excellent impact resistance (up to -50° Celsius)
  • Completely safe to operate
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy to use

Advantages compared with wood:

  • No rot – no necessity to restrike
  • Weatherproof and resistant to humidity
  • Excellent UV-stability
  • Ecologically harmless (does not contain wood preservatives, varnish, or solvent)
  • Durable